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when the market it is looking for the mitt romney wind. and has been be down under the obama administration ever come romney said:it is necessary and they will expand so that says to me they're looking for the romney win. liz: look at gasoline there it is a nice boost. >> over here may argue the opposite. with the big range with the rally people think that portents the obama victory we saw precious-metals. liz: why? what about these numbers? >> a good question. just the general consensus. i think people are more worried about the next four years and staking their claim right now. i see a crew will come off the next day air-to-air. liz: around 89? >> $90 it is a big technical number. liz: fed traders get it. they're less emotional but they are good with the debt ceiling. you are surrounded by the senses what will be see if the rally will have a follow-through tomorrow? >> this it is a relief rally. it looks like the obama will vp based on the numbers so the market gets the rally. market will fail from here with key resistance levels that it is three held this morning. we will
to say it is because of the election. romney would be so much better. but secretly, probably a lot of people were hoping for romney. but a lot of people thought that obama was not going to lose this election. so i mean as investors you sort of have to build that into your calculations. when you're looking at things. but now we're going have to get back to business. there's dodd frank. there's the fiscal cliff. all that trouble in europe, starting to throw fire bombs. it is serious business. now we have to think about it. we have to go back to work. what happened happened with the election, let's now go. liz: exactly, what happened happened let's now go. crude oil now falling 4 1/2%, more than $4 at this point. natural gas down, rbob gasoline losing 10 cents. good for the consumer. but why is anybody surprised especially when we have a stronger dollar? >> yesterday, we were up over $3 yesterday. going forward with the election and thing tas are going on in -- things that are going on in europe, like bobby had said, everybody kind of thought at least down here in my circles we were h
especially if we don't get a romney victory, again, romney, we believe at least a general consensus will be good for equities at least in the short run. liz: let me get away from the traders. i know you are so busy. we are too. let's get to the election and we will talk about that in a minute. as you see jared brilliantly segued for us there. should you be making last minute changes to your portfolio? are you buying and selling? hold off for a second. thesis fund management ceo and portfolio manager joining me for the last hour of trading. you get sort of an extra punch of legitimacy because you run a long short fund so you love certain things, you hate certain things. but are you doing anything with your fund in advance of the election? >> no, liz, we're not trying to handicap the outcome of the election. what we do is focus on securities that are misvalued, but long and short. we use the short book to manage risk against uncertainty, political uncertainty, economic uncertainty, etc. liz: so you are saying stand down, calm down, don't do anything until after and then what? what do
romney wanted to replace and repeal dodd frank financial reform legislation, one of the president's signature measures put in place after the financial crisis. well, that's not going to happen now obviously. analysts say the president's victory will also embolden the consumer financial protection bureau created under dodd frank to get tougher on banks with new regulation and enforcement. they also, the banks, face greater risk of break up now, some analysts say and that's in part because of the election of the industry's consumer advocate elizabeth warren to the senate tuesday night in massachusetts. she is expected to defend dodd frank and other existing regulation from republican attack as well as push new limits on banks. liz? liz: right. you know, howard lutnick of cantor fitzgerald was here yesterday. he said yes it will be hard tore scrape away profits for the financials, definitely. robert gray taking a look at two other very crucial sectors. robert: that's right, liz. you know, some folks out there, some investment managers that i follow and spoken with were constructing w
this that he was actually supporting mitt romney. as you know ge gets a lot of perks if the obama administration wins, solar, green energy and stuff, he's the chairman of president jobs council, he's going to be at this thing. sort of the leader of wall street if we had a spokesman would obviously be dimon. dimon was extremely critical of the president, particularly behind the scenes. he basically told people because he's on the federal reserve board, he does not give, you know, in kind contributions but i mean all his body movement was like do whatever you can to elect mitt romney. this guy is bad for business based on dodd frank and some of the other things that the president has done. so jamie is not on the list. like i said the closest you've got is the gentleman from american express. this thing is going to occur wednesday. as we know, there's what, how many days left before the fiscal cliff hits, i thought i saw some graphic that said -- cheryl: there's a countdown, a calendar. >> why is the fiscal cliff a big thing? why does wall street, big business don't like it? they don
if romney was elected because he was speaking i me with them but today they got the boot. >> coal stocks up dramatically today. walter energy refuse to comment on the entrance in them keeping the sector on fire. the et of jumping, names like james river and natural resources all above 3% or 1%. liz: costco hitting an all-time high, this is accompanied always gets props for great management but when you see a stock do that well, certainly the carry on top. >> since yesterday the vice president being there in washington d.c. and talking about how companies manage very well, their workers stay for a peers in anyway and stock heir hitting all-time high of $104.50 today. dave: let's look at the tech stocks, how they are rounding the end of this trading day, we have apple and zynga down, but facebook always likes to buck a trend. always -- it is of another 2% today. >> facebook has had a really nice run in the month of november. all that negative commentary disappearing. for the nasdaq, it had a great week up 1.5%
behind the market, a forest of september, october. also betting on romney. every right wing republican said no, no. statistically it wasn't going to happen. but we needed a correction, we are getting a correction. into december, the fiscal cliff, remember charlie brown and lucy? this is charlie brown and lucy. when the football away, will come down to the 11th hour. they will do the down payment, there will be the down payment which we will agree to disagree on this, 10%. at the end of the day, i have many people telling me about her is working groups already putting together, they know what it will be. liz: either way they have to, they are paid to invest. they're paid to, so i have to by year-end in some kind of investment with their clients money. >> 80% of the hedge funds are below the index fund, so the people getting paid nothing or 20 basis points per year, take 20%. liz: so all of those you are paying and they aren't even matching the s&p 500. >> and we understand we have this lake with apple kicking capital gains and they could all be buying it back december 2. you can take yo
governor romney. liz: i'm sitting there looking at one of your picks you like, it's technology. i'm thinking technology doesn't work when you have no electricity. we need to also look more broadly than just the storm. this is affecting the northeast. there's the midwest. there's california. there's texas. they have lots of energy. why do you like technology right now? >> not just in the consumer, not in the mobile phones, but technology is one of those trends that affects every industry. it affects healthcare. it affects energy. energy we saw the new natural gas fracking that's bringing enormous supplies to the market. we could be energy independent because of the technology applied to energy. liz: yet you don't like energy, you say avoid energy. >> who is the biggest beneficiary of this new supply is really the consumers, and the businesses have low cost gas, natural gas has plummeted in price, so that actually hurts in an ironic way the producers of energy, benefits the consumers of energy. liz: that's why we have doug here to kind of help our brains go through the scenario of w
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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